Advertising and sponsorship opportunities with BEVERLY

  • BEVERLY's trade publications: over 100,000 readers worldwide
  • BEVERLY's website: over 1 million views per year.
  • BEVERLY's newsletters: thousands of subscribers

Various communication channels are offered for aviation industry players to effectively target valuable prospects. Our goal is to provide the best possible solution to increase your visibility and attract the right prospects for business results.

Why do over 20 advertisers choose BEVERLY TRAVEL each year?

  • We are one of the most recognized brands in commercial tourisme
  • We can provide visibility anywhere in the industry worldwide
  • Our solutions provide the flexibility to pick and choose your target audiences
  • We can combine and customize our solutions to meet your objectives

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Web global 42 sites: 
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Online newsletters

Our Newsletter, Simplifying the Business and Training newsletters are hugely popular among 25,000 top manager executives and decision makers who have subscribed to receive this must-read industry news. Advertise in BEVERLY newsletters and reach a highly targeted audience cost effectively.
As a bonus your banner will be uploaded to a particular newsletter web page at BEVERLY.TRAVEL for a special price.

Customized solutions that suit your objectives

One size does not fit all. We offer a variety of solutions that can reach virtually any target audience in the industry. A carefully selected combination of platforms can enhance the effectiveness of your campaign and maximize the return on your investment.

Whether you want a global, regional or highly targeted strategy, we are here to customize a solution that suits your objectives.

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